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We know that your Frigidaire washing machine is an appliance that will change your life. That’s why our team of technical specialists will ensure smooth operation in the shortest possible time! We offer same-day Frigidaire washing machine repair services in Toronto and GTA. We are known for providing the highest quality of manufacture and fast repair of washing machines. Our affordable prices mean that with us you save both time and money compared to other home appliance repair companies. If your dryer is not working as it should and you are looking for a Frigidaire washing machine repair near me, do not hesitate to contact us for service!

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Problems that washing machine usually face include leaking water, not spinning, problems with the control board and the inability to turn on. If you have any of these problems or even a completely different problem with your washing machine, it is best to seek repair immediately. For a quick and professional washing machine repair services, contact our trained team at Victoria’s Appliance Repair. Our technical specialists have not only been trained to perform even the most complex repairs, but also have more than enough experience.

Types of washing machines we repair

Portable washing machine

A portable washing machine is not much different from a stationary one. The only significant difference is that the water does not drain automatically, but must be poured manually through a tap adapter. This greatly facilitates the diagnosis, since all these parts are removable and can simply be checked for leaks, blockages and other damages.

Front-loading washing machine

Washing machines with front loading, as a rule, have a more complex design and require professional hands in case of repair. Maintenance together with spare parts can be more expensive than in the case of other types of washing machines. However, with the help of a home appliance repair specialist, this difference will not be noticeable at all thanks to our reasonable prices.

Top-loading washing machine

Most top-loading washers have an agitator, which, among other problems, common with other types of washing machines, often gathers all the hair, dirt, and other residue, that hampers the work of the gadget. A professional will detach the agitator and clean all the debris without damaging the washer.

Other problems may be related to overload. In top-loading washing machines, people are more likely to put an excessive amount of laundry in them, which will cause the appliance to leak and stop spinning or drain the water. You can extend the life of your washing machine without overloading it.

Washing machine and dryer combo

Usually, a combination washer and dryer experiences the same problems as a conventional washing machine, with the addition of problems with excessive or insufficient heating. A specialist in the repair of household appliances will quickly and expertly eliminate any of these malfunctions and, if necessary, provide you with spare parts.

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Some washing machine troubleshooting

There are many problems that can cause the washing machine to not start. So, start by checking the main power switch for loose connections, a broken outlet, whether the fuse is working, etc. If this does not help, check if the door lock is working properly if you have a front-loading washing machine. In some cases, the main power switch or the control module (printed circuit board) of the washing machine stops working. If you have no previous experience with live wires, contact a repair specialist to inspect the washing machine.

Objects stuck between the external tub and the drum can also cause noise. Items such as coins and garbage are very often removed from under the heater between the drum and can cause damage to the machine and any clothes in it. Make sure that you have cleaned all the pockets of rags before putting them in the typewriter.

Over time, the bearings of the washing machine also begin to wear out and fail, causing a loud noise when rotating. Operating a washing machine with a faulty bearing can cause fatal damage. This can be fixed either by greasing the bearings with grease (or oil), or by replacing them.

The most common reason for this is an unbalanced bathtub or the entire washing machine. Make sure that the washing machine is installed on a completely horizontal surface. If not, purchase a stand/trolley with adjustable screws at the bottom. In some cases, the bath is out of balance due to wear of the suspension system. Make sure you don’t overload the car with rags to prevent the suspension mechanism from collapsing.

Most likely, the pressure switch does not work as intended, this can be caused by a number of reasons, either the switch is faulty, there is a hole in the pressure pipe, or it has come off, or the most common reason is the blocking of the high-pressure chamber. To check the switch, you have to blow into it and listen to one or more clicks, if you hear them, then everything is fine, a thorough inspection of the hose should determine whether it is OK or not, while the camera needs to be removed and rinsed to clean it. If you have installed a filter in the intake pipe, make sure that the filter mesh is clean.

The rotating mechanism and the drainage system are connected. Thus, if the drainage does not work, the machine will not rotate. The pump filter may be blocked or the hose from the drum going to the pump may be blocked. The carbon brushes of the engine may be faulty if there are no brushes in the engine, then there is a possibility that the engine capacitor has failed. There may also be a situation when the belt running from the engine to the drum may be broken or torn off.

There are many possible causes of this problem. Too much water pressure, accumulation of undissolved detergent, clogging of the drain pipe, overflow, too much foam and a power surge in the mains (a power surge can lead to uncontrolled rotation of the engine). Fixing this problem is quite simple, takes a few minutes, but requires the knowledge of a washing machine specialist.

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