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Victoria’s Appliance Repair strives to take care of these luxury American brand kitchen appliances. The brand has won its name thanks to its magnificent design and innovative solutions for cooking and cooling. However, these innovative solutions impose additional responsibility on the repair company and require special knowledge for troubleshooting.

Excellent cooking requires excellent working kitchen appliances. And if your Viking range does not cope with its functions properly (partially or completely), you can count on us. Our local engineers have extensive experience and are always ready to lend you a helping hand. Thus, we are completing the Viking range repair in Anaheim very quickly and efficiently, so that soon you will be able to use your range again to cook delicious dishes.

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Viking’s sophisticated design means a higher quality of the appliance, but it also means that repairs can be difficult – to a greater extent than when using conventional products of the manufacturer’s brand. Would you like a Ford mechanic to work on your Ferrari? Similarly, you want your Viking appliances to be serviced by the best of the best, and this is where our experience and skills can benefit you.

Maintain warranty coverage – Call the professionals for Viking range repair in Anaheim

Viking Range provides guarantees for its products, but repairs must be carried out by professionals who have the appropriate qualifications to perform this work. After a large investment in a high-quality appliance, it is important to maintain warranty coverage. You can do this by trusting an authorized service provider such as Victoria’s Appliance Repair. Save your warranty and your peace of mind by interacting with our help.

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As an authorized Viking Range service team, we are the best choice for all high-end home appliance repair jobs in Huntington Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana and Anaheim in Orange County. The first step we take when you call is to ask you about the problem you are facing. This will help us pinpoint the cause of the machine’s dysfunction.

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Viking range troubleshooting

If your range keeps clicking after you turn the knob, it may be enough to just clean the burner thoroughly. Water or corrosion on the burner, or even food residues, can interfere with the flow of gas. Take a look at the igniter and make sure that the spark really appears when the igniter clicks. Sometimes the igniter may work correctly, but food residues or the improperly installed igniter itself may prevent an electric arc from occurring close enough to the gas flow to ignite it.

It has been estimated that in 80% of cases this problem is caused by clogging of the burners. Carefully inspect the burner and clean it thoroughly. However, if the problem persists, we recommend checking the electrode. Sometimes it can also be caused by a faulty handle or a broken handle rod.

Sometimes the problem may be caused by a misaligned igniter. Depending on the type of burner, the electrode may not form an electric arc with the burner surface if it is located either too far from it, or simply if there are food residues, rust or a burnt surface on the burner. If the burner itself is clean, check whether the burner cover is installed correctly and whether it fits snugly to the burner head. Make sure that the cap will not sway when you touch it.

As a rule, Viking ranges have two weak points – the thermostat and heating elements. If your range does not reach the required temperature, it is very likely that one of these parts is faulty. Try to find out if none of your heating elements are heating up at all when it’s supposed to. Check your thermostat! It is recommended to check the contacts and make sure that it is working properly.

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If you are looking for a Viking range repair company closest to you in Anaheim, try to find Victoria’s Appliance Repair and give us a call. We also provide our Viking range repair services in cities such as Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Irvine and al areas like Laguna Beach, Alliso Viejo, San Clemente, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa in Orange County. Due to the fact that our reliable Viking repair specialists are available at any time of the day, you can count on us to bring your range or oven into perfect condition. We make sure that your Viking range works faultlessly again.

Don’t delay, contact us today for all of your Viking range repair needs. Our team is standing by and ready to help you get your range running like new again! We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your interest. For any questions or scheduling our services please use the information below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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